Invisible Borders Lab @ Strelka :: July 11-15

Invisible Borders Lab is a 5-day co-design, performance and learning experience hosted at the Strelka Institute, examining unseen borders (urban, social and mythical) in Moscow. Participants will investigate people’s perceptions of borders in the city through techniques such as urban mapping, social research, game design, location-based digital narratives, social network analysis, visualization, dance and performance.

The creative concepts and performances emerging from the lab will be showcased in an interactive installation and presentation at Strelka on July 15th, 8pm-10pm. We invite designers, architects, urbanists, researchers, technologists and performance artists to join us in revealing the unusual borders, social conditions, and thresholds of transformation in the city of Moscow.

Workshop lead by: Nitin Sawhney, Shriya Malhotra, Christo De Klerk and Polina Bykhovskaya