Research Simulator: Slavyanski Mir

A vibrant market on the edge of Moscow (and a gateway between the old and new city), preceded by a history of markets as contested ethnic enclaves and informal economy networks. Slavyanskiy Mir represents a bordered yet borderless world on the edge of Moscow.

A site of diverse border stories and migrant identities. There are geo-political significance of such sites within the city, but also in international relations. Slavyanskiy Mir experiences both international and very local flows, while remaining under threat of being completely transformed, very soon.

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Design Challenge: Propose an urban design or media-based intervention that critically engages, supports or improves a feature of this market and gateway to the city. Draw upon the research brief prepared, ongoing site investigation using spatial and ethnographic research, and critical engagement into the future of this unusual site.

A successful analysis of this site will demonstrate an understanding of the complex place, diverse people, and their stories and social relations to inform an inclusive design proposal.


The Slavyanskiy Mir Research Brief