Integrating nature and sculpture, Alex’s piece “deadline” is a ring shaped cut around the bark of the tree, almost touching its xylem (the main food transfer channel). If the cut goes any deeper the tree would bleed or eventually die.

the path to a work permit in Moscow

In this video, a migrant worker documents just one of the sites of friction that is encountered along the path to a work permit in Moscow. For citizens of the CIS, the “simplified procedure” to attain a work visa involves crossing many urban borders.

The Wrong Move

Artist: Dima Fillipov, Moscow Based on personal experience of almost every human process, overcoming the distance from home to school, is almost the only time spent alone with him, and out of the zone of influence. Of course, as a rule, children are attending groups, but sometimes there are moments of loneliness.

The Border Line Effect

20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union several young directors come to the borders of previously united countries. Their personal stories dedicated to people, who find a way to remain united, despite the new borders.